Ceud mìle fàilte (a hundred thousand welcomes)

September 18, 2017


But Edinburgh is a mad god's dream. Fitful and dark,
unseizable in Leith and wildered by the Forth. But irresistibly at last, cleaving to sombre heights of passionate imagining, till stonily, from soaring battlements; Earth eyes Eternity.

- Hugh MacDiarmid (1892-1978)


Ceud mìle fàilte
(a hundred thousand welcomes)

This is just one the poems that is scribed into the wall of the New Scottish Parliament building, in Edinburgh, at the bottom of the Royal Mile.
And for me, it describes the passion that I have for Edinburgh perfectly.

Last June I visited Scotland for the first time & I loved it, particularly Edinburgh.

I am Australian born, however, I come from a very mixed heritage family. Italian / Dutch on my mothers side and Scottish / Irish on my fathers. 
For the first time in my 39 years, I felt connected to my fathers side. The paternal line, being Scottish, had sadly passed before I was born.

Following some minor success with my photography, both local and international awards plus publications. I knew that Edinburgh & the rest of the United Kingdom would be culturally rich and supportive of the arts.
I got home, and immediately booked my one way ticket. Home was Melbourne, Australia.

A year after my first visit, I returned to Edinburgh.

In my 2 months here, I have met some fantastic people, created a home and through the assistance and partnership of these people, we have built a new photography based business; Photo Tours Edinburgh

What had captured their attention and inspired the idea behind Photo Tours Edinburgh was my bright, shiny enthusiasm and excitement for everything I saw here. 

We felt that together, we could show you the highlights of Edinburgh in a way that you may not have seen before. 

During the tour which is very much a workshop, we'll discuss an approach to photography, technical advice, composition rules that we'll use to capture our images and the historical significance of the locations we visit.

This is a fun, practical tour / workshop without the technical jargon that will be a base for you to create a collection of images that capture the atmosphere and features of this historical city.

Below are some of the images that have been taken along the walking tour route that we will show you.

Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Bidh mi 'gad fhaicinn
(I'll be seeing you)



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